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Centrecom Malta

Headquartered in Luqa, in the shadow of the Malta International airport, our location was carefully selected so we could attract and most importantly retain the best employees in the call centre industry. We believe that the better the working environment is, the better the results our people will give.

The contact centre is spread over an open plan floor space in a facility providing complete technical, electrical and physical security, which is paramount in protecting our customers confidential data.

The office space has more than 300 fully equipped service representative desks, conference facilities and fully equipped training rooms. Centrecom has options for further expansion in this location and is therefore prepared for short-term expansion and growth.

Security in our building is most important and this is assured through electronic Access Control with both internal and external CCTV providing around the clock security. 
The premise, all telecoms and redundant systems serve us to further assure security.


Centrecom Fiji

This Centre of Excellence is based in the commercial heart of Suva City in a multi-million dollar new facility at BSPLife Building.  This building is modern and versatile with an infrastructure that has a potential capacity in excess of 400 employees working 24/7.

Our IT services are second to none – Housed on IBM® and Cisco® hardware and utilizing an Avaya® IP Office solution, it is scalable offering the full suite of multi-media capabilities.

The unique value of this platform is its ability to satellite remote switches into an integrated Contact Centre environment regardless of the location. This gives us a global reach across a dedicated IP network, saving costs and with full redundancy.